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Historic Photo Archive

The Cygnet RC photo archive was a project to help celebrate the club's 125 year history and accompany the updated Illustrated History book. All the photos in the archive were taken by club members or purchased from professional photographers on behalf of the club and are reproduce here (at low resolution) with their kind permission.

Little is know about some of these photographs so if you have any information or spot any errors please do contact the club historian and we will make the necessary alterations. He would also be interested in any suitable photos that you may want to donate to the archive. 

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  • 2010 - Present

    1st February 2010

    Photographs taken from 2010 until the present are in the News section of this website and on the club's social media: Facebook •  Twitter •  Instagram ...

  • 2000s + Talking History

    1st February 2000

    Photographs taken between 2000 - 2010 are available on the Old Cygnet Website > Events > Older Events. Vic Reeves and Ronnie Lambe reminisce about the 'good old days' at Cygnet, during a recording made in 2009. If the video doesn't play in your browser, click the YouTube button, bottom...

  • 1990s

    1st February 1990

    This decade opened with extensive celebrations to mark Cygnet's centenary, reaffirming an erstwhile club historian, 'Dusty' Miller's view that 'Cygnet had ever been a Club to foster the social side'. The 1990s would also see Cygnet aspiring to new heights on the water, ultimately surpassing the...

  • 1980s

    1st February 1980

    The 1980s broke the mould in the sense that the club no longer concentrated exclusively on racing in Vllls, but graduated to 'small boats' (lVs, lls and sculls), setting the stage for a highly successful era in the mid-1980s. Still, the goal of winning a heat at Henley Royal Regatta in any...

  • 1970s

    1st February 1970

    In contrast to the previous decade, the 1970s began with a large, active membership, the promise of a strong racing presence and a determined administrator-cum-captain, M.A.Arnold-Gilliat. Racing in Vllls remained the name of the game and in 1972 Cygnet entered Henley Royal Regatta (HRR) for the...

  • 1960s: Rebuilding the Second Estate

    2nd February 1960

    One of the greatest club achievements of the 1960s was the rebuilding of 'Cygnets', the somewhat rudimentary structure constructed out of two 1914-18 Nissen huts on Hamhaugh Island, Shepperton. Work began on the demolition of the old bungalow in February, 1964 and the grand opening of the new...

  • 1960s: At the Boathouse

    1st February 1960

    The 1960s were less successful than the 1950s: membership numbers declined and the club passed through some very lean years. Nonetheless, the decade was not without its high spots on the water with wins in Junior Vllls at Metropolitan in 1961 and Twickenham in 1962. On land, Cygnet gained a new...

  • 1950s

    1st February 1950

    By the early 1950s, Cygnet was starting to get back into its stride and the club had high hopes of reclaiming the 'Glory of the Thirties'. While this was not to be, Cygnet won more events in Junior and Junior-Senior-Vllls throughout this decade than ever before, effectively putting civil service...

  • 1940s

    1st February 1940

    During the Second World War, the Civil Service Boathouse was requisitioned as a mortuary (although it was never used as such) and remained 'off limits' to Cygnet members until July 1946. The remainder of this decade may best be characterised as a period of rebuilding, as members drifted back from...

  • 1930s

    1st February 1930

    Cygnet was in its element in the 1930s: it had a new boathouse, new equipment and a hard core of experienced oarsmen anxious to make the grade in open competition. Successive victories in Junior and Junior-Senior Vllls throughout the mid-1930s set the stage for wins at Thames Cup class in 1938 ...

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