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Club Day

8th September 2018

BBL and Cygnet's Club Day. Join some fun mixed racing, win some shiny pots, enjoy some BBQ and drinks. 

Hi all, important things regarding Club Day:

Please fill in the Doodle poll below if you're planning on coming to Club Day this year. We'll soon be planning racing and timings (to work around the Great River Race) so the earlier we know numbers, the better. https://doodle.com/poll/c52un9g89r3qkte8. Thank you to those that have already signed up

If you don't fancy racing but fancy helping out with races in launches etc, please give me a shout

With Saturday fast approaching, please let me know by this Thurs if you're coming for food and are vegetarian so we can ensure you'll have something to eat (cut off for signing up on Doodle for food is Thurs eve)

Racing will start at 09.30 - please be at the club for 9/9.15 so we can get first boats on the water at 9.30 - we're tight on time with The Great River Race taking over the Thames later on

Please bring cash with you on the day! BBQ is £5 per person and racing is £5 per race (not applicable for race coxes) - I'll be collecting cash on the day and crossing your name off my master list as you pay

Our raffle is looking pretty sad at the moment - please, please, please think of anything you could donate to help the club raise a little extra ££ and give us something extra to win on the day! The donation box is in the ladies' changing room - do drop things in there or message me separately if easier - thank you SO much to those of you that have kindly offered something already

DESSERT! Do we have any budding bakers hiding their skills? Do any of you excel in the kitchen and want to show off your sweet-treats? We'll be holding a GBBO-style dessert competition on the day (slightly less formal perhaps..) so do get baking and bring along a tasty dessert for judging and eating on the day! We all like something sweet after a morning's rowing so please do join in and bring a dessert along for sharing if you're the baking type 😊

Thanks in advance for your help - looking forward to seeing you there! Let me know if you have any questions at all 😊