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Hammersmith Regatta

28th April 2018

Hammersmith Regatta 1500m, Tideway

Novice 1x - Cris
QF, Race 3, 08.07 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide
SF, Race 20, 09.08 vs Fulham Reach, ebb tide
F, Race 48, 11.51 vs Fulham Reach / Furnival / AK / Vesta, flood tide

Novice 4+ - Eric, Tom, Henrik, Rupert, Gigi (cox)
SF, Race 13, 08.43 vs Furnivall, ebb tide (Surrey)
F, Race 39, 11.18 vs Parrs or AK, flood tide (Surrey)

Quadsquad 4x Cris, Bjarne, Vasil, Alex
SF, Race 54, 12.13 vs Vesta, flood tide
F, Race 74, 13.26 vs Claires Court / Fulham Reach, flood tide

Ebb tide: Chiswick Pier to AK, Flood tide: Milepost to AK

Full Draw

BBL have 2 novice fours on at 12.31 and 12.35, with a final at 13.30, so give them a cheer if you are around then.