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Cygnet Update 29th September

1st October 2015

Hi All,
Beautiful weather on the river at the weekend for those crews who made it onto the water. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. Good to see Rob back on the water again. The get fit and row course is going well with 20 or so people honing their erg technique and learning about safety on the river in preparation for their first water outings in two weeks time...
This week:
Tuesday (tonight) 7:15 Circuits at Cavendish School, Edensor Road. Last week was the first session of the new Maxi era, with a new format and MUSIC! She was relatively gentle on us for the first session although the last man standing burpee finisher was a sting in the tail and sore legs on Thursday was proof that the session hit the spot. So let's have another good turn out tonight. 
Thursday Squad Erg from 7 
This Weekend:Rhine Marathon: A big chunk of the club will be over with our good friends at Benrath for the annual Rhine Marathon. So expect sore hands, sore bums and sore heads in equal measure. Back at home: there are enough people around to get some boats out, please anyone who is available for Tideway outings, put your availability on the spreadsheet so we can plan outings. 
Further Ahead:Saturday 10th October: Pairs Head at 15:30. We have 3 combos entered Nick and Dave, Cris and Charlie and Alfonso and me. The race is run by BBL from our boathouse, come down and support, enjoy the BBL catering and a drink on the banks of the river. What not to like. 
Also on the 10th, the Get Fit and Row course take to the water for the first time, we will need helpers to take strategic seats in the boat for the outings on the 10th and 17th. We've had an excellent uptake on the course, the guys on it are all really positive and enthusiastic and we have the makings of a very promising new novice squad so let's do all we can to help out when needed to make their transition from GFAR to Cygnets.
Next up is Four Head so lets start planning and training for it and please get you availability up to date so we can plan outings. 
Have a good week, see some of you in Benrath, wherever you are at the weekend good rowing,
Author: Jeremy Pugh


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