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Cygnet update 2nd November

2nd November 2015

Hi Cygnets,

A weekend of sharp contrasts, gorgeous autumn sunshine on Saturday, crews training hard for Vet Fours Head, doubles and pairs, single scullers and the GFAR squad exploring new stretches of the rive above Kew Bridge and getting to know the joys of power strokes...Sunday, old fashioned London pea-souper, couldn't see Barnes or the bridge from the club and no chance of getting out onto the water. I've never seen such a queue for ergs in the Shed or so much steam rising from the hard working athletes doing their 4x relay races...

This week:

Tuesday 7:15pm: Circuits with Maxi - essential for your core conditioning and overall fitness, please make an effort to get along...

Thursday 7:00pm : Squad erg in the Shed, this week something a little lighter than last weeks endurance test.
1x15', 1x10', 1x5', r20 (5' rest), drag 129 so time to do some weights afterwards. 

Plan ahead and stay for food, Helena helenasmith@yahoo.com is cooking let her know if you are partaking.


Fours Head of the River at 12:45. From Chiswick Bridge to Putney with a stellar cast of GB internationals racing for their clubs. Really worth coming down and seeing top class rowing outside our front door. Eat hot dogs and cake, drink beer, what not to like.

Any outings will need to be at 8am to get off the river before the river closure for 4s Head.

Quite of lot of guys off to row in Gloriana so we may not have enough guys to get the GFAR 8 onto the water, but if you can make it get your availability on the sheet and we'll see what we can get together.


Vet Fours Head of the River at 13:45 with a stellar cast of Cygnet rowers. Come and cheer on Cris, Charlie, Tom and Rob (Mas C 4x) in boat 14 and Bart, Gav Jez and Ian (MasB 4-) in boat 22.

As with Saturday, get your availability up to date to see what we can get together for an outing at 8.

Further Ahead...

December 5th Scullers Head, Lots of interest in racing we'll get sculling pods organise to get race like training for all those planning to race, probably on Sundays when the river is quieter.

The GFAR team are starting to get river miles under their oars and should be ready to go out and doing some semi serious racing in the Plum Puddings before Christmas. The more outings you can make the, the more circuits and ergs you do, the better the result!!!

Finally, for the GFAR team, we've got a few applications filled in and on the board, can I encourage the others to get their applications done in time for the committee meeting on the 15th November that will vote you into the club .

Have a good week,


Author: Neil Pickford


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