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18th July 2016

Cygnet Weekly Update blog postLovely weather and conditions out on a blissfully quiet Tideway at the weekend. Shame about the colour of the water on Sunday. A variant of the two St Neots racing 4+ were do some honest race pieces and working up a lather under Alan's expert eye on Sunday, I hope that will propel them to glory next weekend. Special note about the heroics of Tom R who despite illness overnight made it down for an 8am outing on Saturday, a shining light to one and all.

We have two boats entered in St Neots Regatta on Saturday:

MasC 4+ Robin (c)Jez,Nick R,Matt,Cris

Nov 4+ Jez(c) Nick R, Scott, Cris, Robin

We are waiting for the draw to come out then I'll let you know the race times. There are other mixed combos racing in the sprint event on Sunday, you know who you are and what you've entered, but again I'll let you know race times when they come out.

Only a week later we have Henley T&V with:

Gav, Jez, Robin, Cris, Tom B, and a couple of possibles in Bart, Charlie, and Rob A and an "unlikely" from Patrick. It's an iconic venue and not far from base, Crews need to submitted by noon on Saturday. Can you please confirm your availability and racing preferences by Wednesday at the latest so I can make sure we get crews entered on Friday. Nough said.

So this week:

Tuesday: 7pm at the club

Andre our boat repairer is returning a couple of boats on Wednesday and will collect the Paul Rawkins which is in for repair. So can we de-rig the Rawkins and leave it on the lawn at the side of the club on Tuesday night please.

Matt (Mixed 2x)

4- Ben, Scott, Cris, Robin In need of a steersman - I'll see if I can get one, otherwise the ergo is a beaut:

Erg: 20 x (1min on 1min off) rate 30+
Tom B, Vasil, AJ

Thursday 7pm

4- (in need of a cox, I'll see if I can get one)
Jez, Scott, Cris, Robin

Vasil, Tom B, AJ, Matt

Sorry Tom Robins . 9 is a hard number to squeeze into boats when I've got racing crews to get on the water. But ergo is:

Erg: 4 x 500m free rate drag125 - at least 5 sec faster than 5k pb. Then 1 x 500m free rate, drag 110 (split harder to come by due to lower drag so focus on speed of conectiopn at front end). GOOD COOL DOWN

De rigging of boats and trailer loading for St Neots after the outings.


Just a plug for learning to steer and learning to single scull. The more people who have passed their steering test and have been signed off, the more likely it is that everyone who is available on any given day will get an outing. Rob A and William have both made the effort and should be given signed off soon, but I would like everyone to make the effort of learning to steer or learning to cox. You wont have to do it that often but it is only right and fair that all experienced rowers can step up when needed. Steering test is easy enough to prepare for, swatting up on the Tideway Code and taking the short test with Charlie. An we have great experience and willingness to share it in the likes of Dr Jackson to get steering tuition on the water. If nothing else, learning to steer makes you appreciate what is involved when someone else is steering you. The river is quiet and slow moving for the next couple of months, this is the best time to earn your steering spurs.

And that's it for now. more news St Neots draw as soon as I have it.

Take care


Author: Neil Pickford


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