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Cygnet Weekly Update: Mon 14th July 2014

17th July 2014

Cygnet Weekly Update: Mon 14th July 2014 blog post

Hello hello,

Some new combinations of crews and boats out over the weekend - but if you think any of those were adventurous, wait until you see what we're entering for St Neots!

This week

Tues 7.15pm outings, coached by Nick R, followed by...

Thur 7.15pm outings, coached by Nick R, followed by...

Thur after outings, post-session-session with Bart working his culinary magic this week I think.

Crew lists to follow, from Sue. Plus of course, this week's ergs. Do please continue to do at least the first one of these, and ideally both - none of us are doing so much work on the water that we can't do the ergs as well. At the end of the summer we'll go back to doing these together on a set night, but for the time being they're still important, and Sue has carefully arranged them to ensure we're as prepared as possible for the last regattas of the season.

Sat & Sun, 8am outings - crew lists to follow. Plus the new Novices later in the mornings.

OGM & Elections

Next Tuesday (22nd) will be the Cygnet Ordinary General Meeting after outings. Nomination forms will be going up in the changing room for you to stand for or propose the club's Captaincy for the year ahead. Then on 22nd will be a briefish General Meeting and elections. It'll also be a chance to collar the current Captain, Vice Captain, and Deputy Captain and pointing out where they've gone wrong/ right in the past year, and how they or their successors might do better in the year ahead. It doesn't happen by magic. Plus, I can practically guarantee that the bell will be rung by someone who got lucky in the most recent 300 Club draw...

Regattas & Social

St Neots is the weekend of 26th & 27th. The entries for this extravaganza requires the computing power of Deep Blue - but Matt's all over it, involving as it does rowing, sculling, Novices, Senior, Masters, Mixed, and doubling-up (and even tripling-up). So please don't be too precious about who you're racing with in which category - the way it's looking is that everyone will get into at least one reasonably serious boat and one reasonably scratch 'experimental' boat. And often St Neots is where we find out that the scratch experimental crews go quicker than the reasonably serious crews...

St Neots also requires all hands to the pumps in terms of derigging, loading boats, loading camping kit, driving etc., so please pitch in, if you'll pardon the pun.

The following weekend is Henley Town & Visitors Regatta (Sat 2nd Aug). Since it'll be one of the last regattas of the season and both clubs are going, we'll be using the excuse to have a bit of a social and barbecue back at the club after the racing's over. And it would be great to get as many of the newly graduated Learnt-to-Rowers along from both clubs. So put Saturday 2nd evening into diaries.

Other stuff

1 Bedroom flat to rent in a quiet street in central Putney.

Less than 5 minutes walk from the mainline station (where trains only take 6 minutes to the club!)

£1,200 p.c.m. Available furnished.

Call Rachael on 07956177510 or email Rachael.beaumont@russell-cooke.co.uk if you are interested.

That is all.


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