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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 12th Jan 2015

12th January 2015


A relatively full update this week, but covers such exciting and important topics as racing, kit, and subs, so do bear with.

Time on the water was scuppered somewhat this weekend by the weather and a couple of no-shows (see below). But it was particularly heartening to see a strong turn-out for land training in the week. Witnessing all the ergs full of Cygnets knocking out 2x 20mins was a beautiful thing, as was having nearly 20 oarsmen and women from both clubs showing for circuits. Let's see if we can't beat those numbers this week.

This week

- Tues evening, Squad Erg Night. 2x 20mins r26/28 (changing every 10mins). A slightly more exciting/ painful variation of last week's.

- Thurs evening, Circuits. 7.15pm sharp at the school, don't forget to bring a towel and a water-bottle.

- Thurs evening, food after training - Cristobal is doing the honours this week, let him know if you're staying.

- Sat & Sun mornings - crew-lists and outing times to be confirmed. Please turn up 15mins before the time stated, so that we can boat on time.

Further Ahead

In terms of racing, these are the likely events we'll be building on over the Head season:

- Sat 31st Jan, Quintin Head - crew(s) to be confirmed shortly.

- Sat 14th Feb, Henley 4s & 8s Head - we haven't done this for a couple of years, but it's in a lovely location and divisions run at separate times (so we can double-up e.g. two 4s into an 8). Please indicate on the spreadsheet if you're available.

- Sun 1st Mar, Hammersmith Head

- Sat 28th Mar, Vets HORR

- Sun 29th Mar, HORR

Please update your availability as far as you can. And whilst we're on the subject of availability, a couple of things:

- Over the weekend we had a couple of issues with Cygnets not turning up - now that we're prepping for the Head races, please pay close attention to the weekly crew lists, and if you're in a boat definitely definitely don't unilaterally decide to not turn up. (As it was there was no real harm done, as we took the decision to cancel outings on Saturday due to the conditions, and on Sunday we had a vaguely competent sub (moi) who jumped in).

- We'll also be looking to do some midweek evening outings in the run-up to the races, so please indicate availability for those too.


If you want to race in the above, you will require as a minimum a Cygnet racing all-in-one (as well as raw power, technique, co-ordination etc.) Having been disappointed by DiBi's service with our last order, we've decided to go back to Godfrey. Their new fabrics got the general thumbs-up in the bar (and they also have the advantage of being able to produce some of our 'retro' items, for those so inclined).

All the available items are now on our club-page on the Godfrey site here:


and they have set up an ordering window with a cut off date for ordering ofMonday 9th February, to deliver kit around the beginning of March. You can order kit from their website anytime, but if you order in this window you will save money by only being charged the 2-11 price level, and only paying a fraction of the postage.

Apparently, almost all questions can be answered by info on the website, in particular:

- http://godfrey.co.uk/collation-information

- http://godfrey.co.uk/sizing-guide

- no money is taken until after the cut off date has passed, when they have had a chance to collate the orders, apply the discounts and then they can take the payments.

- the worst case scenario will be the 2-11 price level, even if someone is the only person to order a particular item, if it is ordered within the club ordering window.

Remember, you need at least a Cygnet all-in-one ("Custom Finesse AIO") to race , and the ordering window closes Monday 9th Feb.


...are due I'm afraid. £260 for CSSC members or linked members, £320 for others. Best value club on the Tideway, cheap at twice the price, etc. etc.

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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