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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 1st June 2015

6th June 2015


Apologies for the radio silence last week, consequently quite a lot to get through this week...

First up, you may not have realised that there was some Cygnet racing at the weekend. Bart & Gav manfully lugged their IM1 2- up to Peterborough on the roof of the Ute. Unfortunately, their efforts weren't rewarded with a win - a long way to go to lose out by only 5 seconds, but they'll be all the faster for it in their next race.

Closer to home we had boats out training over the weekend, on some lovely water (if a bit on the low side - Black Flag was out for a bit).

Looking ahead to upcoming regattas, we've got:

- Barnes & Mortlake on Sat 13th. We're finalising crews to enter for this one, including doubling-up options, so now's your last chance to confirm your availability on the spreadsheet.

- Reading on Sat 13th and Sun 14th. It looks like we might have a pair heading to Reading instead of BMI, so if you're interested in some 2-abreast racing upriver, let us know.

- Marlow (Dorney Lake) on Sat 20th June. Again, and as mentioned previously, we've got at least one pair entered.

- Richmond on Sat 27th. One we'd like to hit 'en masse' particularly since we didn't get to race that stretch when Twickenham was cancelled.

Further ahead we've also got Henley Masters (Fri 10th and Sat 11th July), where our entries of two Mas.B 4+s and a Mas.B 2- got in just before the deadline and have been accepted.

And of course St Neots (Sat 25th and Sun 26th July, where we'd like to get as many Cygnets (and Barnes Bridge Ladies) racing as possible.

So this means my now weekly plea for all active oarsmen to update the spreadsheet until the end of July. We can't race you if we don't know whether you're available to race (and train).

This week

Tues evening - outings, crew lists to follow (apologies from Coach Sue for her lack of coaching recently, as she balances it with coxing BBL for Women's Henley).

This week's erg: 4 x 750m / 1 min light pressure between each. Then 6 minutes break and repeat.

Thurs evening - outings, crew lists to follow.

Thurs evening - post-outing food, this week courtesy of Nick Rae - please let him know if you're sticking around.

Sat morning - outings.

Sat morning - post-outing crash-course (excuse the pun) on boat-fixing - see below.

Sun morning - outings.

Sun lunch - 12 pm Sun Inn lunch, please let Vicky or Michelle (BBLRC) know (vickibowes[at]gmail.com/ mweiss[at]hotmail.co.uk /social[at]bblrc.co.uk )

Other Stuff

Boat-fixing - you may know that a) we rely on Neil's goodwill and boat-knowledge to a disgraceful extent, and b) he's buggering off to live in Kent shortly. In light of that, we thought it would be useful to have a session where he shows anybody who might interested about repairing boats. Conveniently, a couple of us have put a couple of dings in boats recently. So please try and stay for no more than an hour after outings on Saturday. Please let me know if you're intending to come.

Since we're on the subject of lending a hand, it's less than two months until the captaincy re-election. So now is a good time to think about it, and if you're at all interested having a word with me, Nick B (Deputy), or Ian M (Vice (Captain)). All of whom would be happy to talk you through what's involved, and reassure you that none of the roles are as bad as we perhaps occasionally make out.

Also on the subject, there is a Cygnets Bungalow working party starting on Monday 15th, for anyone that can. Please let me or Derek Bush know if you can help out, including if you would like to stay overnight at all. There will be many jobs to do so the more that come, the merrier!


You've missed the boat if you didn't order cufflinks or tshirts. However, orders for blazers and ties remain open, why not do it now via the on-line order form only.

But in terms of rare opportunities, the House of Lords reception on Friday 17th July takes some beating. There will be plenty of attendees from Cygnet, Barnes Bridge Ladies, and Benrath, and you'd be a fool to miss out. Friends and family are also welcome to join us as well as any ex-members who you know of that might not be on the email circulation lists. It would be great if you could make the organisers' lives a lot easier by going on the website and indicating that you'll be coming along. All the details are there, as is a booking form and a contact for Paul Rawkins if you have any questions or prefer to do things the old fashioned way. There is a maximum number for tickets, so don't delay.

I think that's all for now.


Author: Neil Pickford


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