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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 23rd Mar 2015

23rd March 2015

Good Evening,

The coming weekend is one of the busiest of the year in terms of activity around the club. Cygnet have one and a half crews racing in the Vets' Head on Saturday, and a crew in the Head of the River on Sunday. Plus Benrath are over for the weekend, and we've got an open morning on Sunday.

But first things first:

This week

Tues - Squad Erg Night - 30min r20, feet out. This will be 40% less horrible than last week (but I for one am definitely feeling the benefit of all these feet-out ergs when I'm in the boat). Hope to see lots of ergs in use tomorrow night.

Wed am - small boat outing.

Thurs - circuits - 7.15pm at the school. This will be the last circuits session of the season, as we look to move to mid-week evening outings.

Thurs - post-training food - Coach Sue is cooking this week. Please let her know if you're staying on for food (and thus avoid a FHB panic when e.g. 50% more people stay for food than had said so)

Sat & Sun outings won't be happening as usual, given that the river will be either closed or heaving for much of the weekend. Please use the energy you've saved to a) race harder, b) help out with organisation, c) socialising.


The Vets' Head kicks off at 11am, with 50-odd crews boating from our club. If you are helping on the hard, or in a launch, or round the club, then many thanks in advance. As for the race itself, there are several crews for the loyal Cygnet to cheer on:

#16 Cygnet RC Mas.B

#81 RG Benrath Mas.E

#129 Barnes Bridge Ladies Mas.B

#155 Cygnet/Tideway Scullers Mas.F

#183 Barnes Bridge Ladies Mas.D

#198 Barnes Bridge Ladies Mas.B.Nov

There are also Barnes Bridge Ladies in composites at #122 and #138

After all of that the bar will almost certainly be open, our friends from Benrath will be down, and there will of course be ample opportunity to raise a toast to our sadly departed President.


The race starts at 12noon, so if anything, there will be even more boats around the club than the previous morning. But only one that counts: our Novices are off at #286.

You should also be aware that we're holding an open morning - alongside BBLRC - for new and experiences rowers on the Sunday, from 10.30am to 12noon. The idea is that a few of us can show newcomers around, introduce them to what's involved if they're new to it, and culminate by letting them enjoy the top quality racing on the Tideway. If you can help out, even if only for half an hour or so, please let me or Ian know. Otherwise, if you're around doing other jobs, please make any newcomers feel welcome.

And I think that's about it for now. I'm disappearing for a couple of weeks straight after the HORR, so you'll be in Ian & Nicks capable hands.


Author: David French


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