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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 24th Nov 2014

24th November 2014

Evenin' All,

A hive of activity at the boathouse. Off the water, Neil P and a small band of volunteers have brought a degree of order to chaos in terms of the changing room and our collection of blades. Thanks very much to all that gave up some of their Saturday - it makes a big difference.

You should have also noticed that the Boathouse Exec have been hard at work, with a new curtain heater, they keys sorted out, and - excitingly - the latest reincarnation of The Ute (rather like Dr Who, it may look rather different, but it's still very much The Ute). The Ute's primarily for the two clubs, but it is available to book for private hire, via the Boathouse Exec.

Meanwhile on the water, we could barely move on the Tideway for scullers polishing their technique ahead of Saturday's Scullers Head. That kicks off at 9.30am this Saturday 29th, and the numbers to look out for include:

96 Neil P

100 Nick B

114 Katy B (BBLRC)

160 Bart

166 Sid (TSS)

307 Guy

342 Jez

396 Jo B (BBLRC)

(That's the start order, there will be a small prize for anyone correctly predicting the order they finish in - I think there are over 40,000 combinations).

Do come down to cheer on clubmates if you can - note also that the river will be closed from 8.30am to 12noon.

This week

Tue - Squad Erg. 30min r20, feet-out. There was a good turn-out last week, which made a big difference, let's see if we can achieve the dream of 8 oarsmen erging together...

Thur - Circuits. 7.15pm at the school, don't forget a towel and some water.

Thurs food. Sue's cooking this week, let her know if you're sticking around for food (recommended).

Saturday outings will be disrupted by the Scullers Head, above.

Sunday outings should be going ahead as normal - watch this space (and update the availability sheet).

Further ahead

The BBLRC Christmas Ball is on Saturday 13th, but before then you do need to remember to get a ticket, and indeed pay for it. See emails from Stu.

We're still on the lookout for coxes (many thanks to Jo B for jumping in on Saturday morning and weaving us through the scullers). Do please be as willing as possible to jump into the coxes seat to help out (you never know, you may enjoy it), and do bear in mind If you know anyone that might be interested.

That's all for now.


Author: David French


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