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Cygnet Weekly Update: Monday 27th October

29th October 2014


First up, good to see a fair few of our dedicated oarsmen doing a 3 mile training hike on Sunday. Albeit a walk preceded with a few ales and a three course meal, and concluded with a few more ales. Yes, it was the Cygnet Henley lunch at Leander on a beautiful day. Those who weren't there missed out on fine food, good company, and a spiffing autumnal riverside stroll (as well as perhaps rather too much time spent getting into position for the group photo, and having to listen to the Captain's speech).

In other news, we also had some crews out training, which was just as well, as it's the Fours Head races this weekend.

This week

Tues - Squad Erg. 2x 4k, r19-20, with 90s recovery between them. Each 4k to include 4x 10-stroke bursts r30-32.

I did mine this lunchtime, and can report that it's a humdinger.

Thurs - Circuits. 7.00 meet at the club, or 7.15pm at the school.

Thurs - post-session-food. Stu's emailed separately, do let Bart know if you want to stay for food.

Weekend outings. Will be severely affected by the Fours Head races - more info below - as both involve river closures. Watch this space.

If it ends up that we can't make outing timings work (and we will try for the Novices in particular), fear not, there will be ample opportunity to a) do an erg, b) cheer on crews in the races, or ideally c) do an erg AND cheer on crews in the races.

Fours Heads this weekend

We've got one crew in the Saturday race, our IM1 4-, going off at #169. Race starts at 9.45, so do give us a cheer.

We've got two crews on the Sunday Masters/ Novice race, which starts at 11am. Our 'Quad Squad' Mas.B.4x is going off almost immediately at boat number#6.

Our Mas.Nov.4+ is number #208. (Unfortunately, we had to scratch the other Nov boat due to injuries- but we hope to get everyone racing this head season before too long).

Barnes Bridge Ladies are at #144.

So if you're about do come down the club for one or both days. To cheer on clubmates, to lend a hand with boating/ parking/ organising, and to contribute to our sister club's accounts by eating cake and drinking tea.

We're still on the lookout for launch-drivers for either of the races - please let me know if you think you can help.

Further ahead

If you're wanting to do the Scullers Head (Saturday 29th Nov), you need to let us know asap, as entries are apparently filling up. So far we've got three brave fools confirmed, but it's always good to see as many Cygnets racing as possible.

And good news! We have been cordially invited to the Barnes Bridge Ladies' Christmas Party. Saturday 13th Dec, at Duke's Meadow Golf & Tennis Club. More details to follow, most importantly regarding the pre-Party Waddle, but also regarding dress code (SO important to have the right shoes for both the Waddle and the party - they don't necessarily need to be the same shoes).

I'm also pleased to announce that Cygnet have (again) won the overall prize in the annual PLA Rowing Safety Awards. Well done all, and particular Neil for keeping us on the proverbial straight and narrow as our Water Safety Adviser. We do have a strong safety culture at the club, which exists because we all keep working at it - keep it up. (As well as the warm feeling, and the lack of serious injuries or deaths that that comes with winning the award, there is also a not-inconsiderable cash prize!). Awards ceremony at the club on Monday 1st Dec.

Also to note that after the recent demise of our much-maligned Ute, our Boathouse Exec have swiftly and successfully sourced a new one. It looks great (all-leather interior! (wipe-clean?)), and is a Volvo XC90, so whether the nickname 'Ute' will still apply remains to be seen.

And finally...

A bit of a proper moan I'm afraid. On Saturday evening the boathouse was not only left unlocked, the outer door was pinned back, the lights were on in the Shed, and a massive neon sign had been erected saying 'Help Yourselves'. Okay, not the last bit, but we were fortunate (again) that an eagle-eyed member was walking past in the evening, and was able to put it all right. If you're the last to leave the club, you MUST make sure it's all switched off and locked up. Not sure if you're the last to leave? My cunning method is to shout "IS ANYONE ELSE HERE?" before checking the sign-out board.

That's all for now.

Author: Neil Pickford


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