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Deneb Captain's Log V

22nd August 2018

Dear Cygnets,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Oxford City Regatta: When Sunday afternoon you go to the bar from another club asking if they have seen your jumper and everybody knows your name and your club (as in Cheers). It was a successful weekend.

....A few, few hours before....on Saturday. We had an 8+ , a Nov 4+ , a Sen 4+ and 4x racing and we joined the lunch 8+ sprints for fun. The 8+ almost sunk a few seconds (maybe I am exaggerating) after we put it on the water, but we fixed it with tape (we need to improve this rigging skills 😉), unfortunately the opposition was stronger , but a good row though. Our Nov4+ unluckily broke the rudder after a few strokes (sight), our 4x was again 'lucky' with the draw (Band I) and faced City of Bristol (yep they were in Henley this year) and despite we went on the lead because they almost crashed into the bank, no chance...their comeback was surreal (have you seen the pic from all of us with wtf faces? ), but but but.... We had a POT to report our Sen 4+ (Sam, Scott, Ian, Robin , Anna) rowed beautifully in their category and won (claps, claps, claps) Well done Boys!!!

Sunday, after a great Party the night before 😉, we had a Nov8+ , 1x , Nov 4+ and 4x racing. Good rhythm and race from the Nov8+ , 1x after leading for 1L lost the advantage due to bad steering couldn't imitate the comeback from City of Bristol, it was nice to have the 8+ Putney Town cheering for CYG though, Nov 4+ had a good race , and 4x with an extra guest from City of Oxford , lost against the winners of the event. All in all a fantastic weekend with more stories to tell in the bar, btw keep in mind that I love beer and history (more to this soon).

Many Thanks, Many Thanks to all of you for the great weekend, the drivers (Scott and Tom), coxes (Anna, Beri ), Scott for sorting the rudder.... Sorry if I am forgetting someone....

Now that the regatta season is over, we take a little breath to just enjoy the pleasure of rowing ... and start little by little to prepare the Head 2018/2019 season. Coming Soon... Pairs Head , so find your partner and let me know 😉 ......

Next: SQUAD MEETING Thursday of 30 August/ Presenting the New Coach and Plan for 2018/2019 (Start 1st of Sept)

LTR to start 9th of September , Spread the Word

BOAT CHECK : In the next days we are going to review the fleet to have everything ready for the Winter Season.

Outings This Week:

Tuesday: Show and Row .... If you are available come down, there is always some training you can do will try to allocate everyone in a boat.

Let's try to be a little earlier since we need to...

1. Empty the trailer
2. Rig boats

Erg of the week: we take it easy now for a little bit but if you want to do sth. Erg 20min @ rate 20

Thursday: will follow ....

....and more to come little by little

Have a nice Tuesday and a better week


PS: Please everyone update availability in FITCLUB.me don't forget to add side you prefer to row Bow/ Stroke.

Dates for your diary:

Friday 31st August: End Season Dinner (White hart ) https://doodle.com/poll/dsxv87ex7ak39q2s
Sat 8th September: Club Day
Weekend 15th-16th September: Sculling Camp. Please complete this form if you want to come

Author: Neil Pickford


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